Are you looking to boost engagement and sales amongst Millennial consumers who have the combined annual spending power of $600 Billion?


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As your Millennial Marketing Mentor, I am here to empower you with tools, tips, and insight on how to BOOST your business with proven new age brand building, digital marketing, and social media tactics that generate results.


My Millennial Mindset Marketing Program Goes into Pre-Release Soon...Be Among the Very First to Get Access. I had rave reviews from those who purchased the pilot program - I promise it's worth it!


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What We Will Cover: 

‌• Millennial Consumer Behavior & Mindset 

• Optimize Your Digital Brand Presence to Boost Sales 

• Discover Your Target Market & Micro Audience Segments 

• Craft Your Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy to Perfection 

• Scale your Engagement, Authority & Following on Social Media 

• How to Leverage Influencer Marketing & User Generated Content

  • • How To Measure Social Media and Influencer Marketing ROI

• A Complete 360 Approach to Marketing to Millennials



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Millennial Mindset Marketing Program Reviews

If there is ever a time to learn about millennial mindset marketing it's now! I've been running businesses that target millennials for over a decade, but as I got older (I'm a millennial cusper, aka xillennial) it became challenging for me to engage with my much younger clients. Chelsea’s course,  helped me identify, target and engage with ideal clients within the millennial micro niches that I am best fit to serve.  My investment in MMM helped catalyzed business activities that boosted my credibility, visibility and profits.  I'm in contract with companies that have a wide-reach to millennials and am better equipped to bring in new business as a result of the info, stats and tactics that MMM provides. I'm now actively and consistently writing on sites like Fairy God Boss and  I'm focusing solely on Instagram and LinkedIn for now and becoming more comfortable with compiling and repurposing UGC.  I also am equipped with amazing stats (many of which I'm familiar with); yet the way you and your team organize, process and communicate/present information is so laser-like and clear. Last, but certainly not least, Chelsea is a rockstar teacher. She has such a heart for helping entrepreneurs and it shows in the quality of her content and presentation and the EXTRA bonuses she offers. She's SO well organized, informative and inspirational.  I am so thankful for her trailblazing this path!- Evangelia Leclaire


"I joined the Millenial Mindset marketing course as my target market are the millennial's and I do struggle to convert my social media followers into loyal customers with the help of this course I was able to narrow down my millennial micro market to better target my customers and increase sales by bettering my social media strategy and cleaning up some loose ends on the website. The bonuses are AMAZING!” - Melissa Guerrero


I purchased the online package and found your content to be particularly inspiring, motivating and full of great ideas that I can apply to what I do. You have provided ideas that I can implement relating to a digital community and the influence marketing approach which I know will take me to that next level of success. Thanks again and I look forward to following your online presence and learning further from one of the best I've seen when it comes to new age marketing and business! -Cameron Norton


Overall the course was amazing and will recommend to other marketers and business owners  looking to improve their influence in social media and online in general.- Desmond Hill


Chelsea and her Millennial Mindset Marketing Course was amazing.  She really helped me identify the important parts of my story that I need to focus on in getting my story out there for my business via social media and content marketing, I can't wait to continue to work with her and finally take my business to the next level! Thanks Chelsea! - Joshua Therrien


Chelsea!!! I saw you present and purchased the program at 10x Growth Con! As a millennial entrepreneur your insight has revolutionized my thinking and my business. Thank you! - Tristan Holmes


Chelsea really knows what's going on in the Millennial world! I learned so much from the information that she gave us on Millennial Consumer Mindset in the Millennial Marketing Program.  This experience is definitely worth it! - Natthita Fonti